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  • LokalTalents is Answer to AI, drones

    & robots taking over human jobs

    It's a mobile & web-based platform to help people showcase their talents (natural aptitudes or skills) to the world, build a fan base and get support for their works or projects.

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  • Problem

    It's all in the news! Here's a few:

    • Millions of workers around the world are at risk of losing their jobs to robots, according to CNN read more
    • 95 million jobs going to robots in the next 10 to 20 years - Bank of England read more
    • Robots will steal your job: How AI could increase unemployment and inequality - Business Insider read more

  • Solution

    LokalTalents offers a set of tools to help people create jobs and improve livelihoods by exploring and developing their talents.


    Here's how it works:


    Post samples of their works in any of the categories such as songs, artwork, dance, sport, comedy, etc to showcase 'raw' talents and get support.

    Fans & Sponsors

    Browse postings by makers to catch fun or get inspiration, follow makers of choice for latest release and support works or projects of choice.


    Sponsors get badges, certificates & trophies - in addition to gaining exclusive access to some makers' projects - according to threshold reached .

  • Other Features & Opportunites

    • Seamless collaboration for work & project development
    • Skill upgrade via Talent Development Academy (TDA)
    • Contract jobs / works
    • Deals & endorsements
    • Talent Shows
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  • Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Rebecca Amarachi is a rising talent, technology enthusiast & hobbyist. She loves creative writing, singing & public speaking.

    Paul A. Jeremiah is a social entrepreneur who believes in humans' abilities to thrive amidst technological advancements.

    Karishma Chauhan is an IT engineer & web programmer with many project portfolios in web and mobile app development.

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